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Dear Friends,

This weekend we would have been singing Brahms’ gorgeous and moving Requiem for you.

It would have been the culmination of months of preparation, building to an intense week of rehearsals with our orchestra and soloists. That moment – when the orchestra begins to play and we finally can put all the musical pieces together – is pure magic.

Instead, like you, we are at home.

Last Tuesday night – the first night we would have been rehearsing with the orchestra – we gathered via Zoom, wished each other “happy concert week!” and, music in hand, sang the Brahms together. It was imperfect: Magen couldn’t lead us so we sang with a recording on YouTube, and we couldn’t hear each other. But we could see each other’s faces.

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Some singers were exhilarated by the experience, some were in tears. I felt a great sadness and sense of loss, not just for our choir or for this particular performance, but for all of us, because we can’t share the experience of live music, together. 

But I also know that our community is strong and determined. We’ll make do until we can gather again, in whatever form that may take.

When the time is right, the music will be there. 

And so will we.

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Martha Westland, Executive Director


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