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Here's what's been happening at SFBC over the past few weeks (which feel like years!). And be sure to read to the end of the email for a delightful surprise...

Since we made the decision to pay our professional musicians & concert staff for our cancelled May concerts, it has been wonderful to see many other groups follow our lead. The outpouring of gratitude from our musicians, who have lost all their work for the forseeable future, has been very moving:

Wow - I am really impressed, touched by the Bach Choir - That is really extraordinary. 

This all brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so so very much. 

A huge THANK YOU...to SF Bach Choir for being so considerate... It will really make a big difference in the coming weeks and months, and knowing that we are appreciated goes well beyond that for sure.

This is most welcome news! I am truly moved by the compassion so clearly expressed by the actions of the SFBC - a beacon in strangely dark times.

We were honored to be able to support our colleagues, even if only a little bit.

What we are doing now

We have applied for the Paycheck Protection Program loan through the CARES Act to help us continue to pay our staff, and are waiting for approval from the Small Business Administration.

Our choir continues to meet via Zoom during our regular rehearsal time. We catch up on news, check in on each other (last week was Silly Hats, this week is Silly Socks, with extra points to singers who can get their be-socked foot high enough to be seen--without falling over!). Magen leads a short singing warm-up, followed by different “Lemonade” presentations by special guests. Over the past few weeks we've learned about the musical history of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," sang songs from Magen's childhood (including one about endless stacks of dirty dishes); examined the structure of the Brahms Requiem (our singers are still mourning the loss of our May concerts); and learned about the fine art of barbershop singing from Chris Lewis of the Fog City Singers, and one of the presenters we had lined up for our cancelled Many Voices, One Art Festival in March.

Looking ahead, we're mapping out a variety of possible scenarios and programs for next season. We're keeping one eye on the overall COVID-19 situation and public health recommendations; one eye on how to create meaningful and positive artistic experiences for our singers, audience, and community; and one eye on the financial health of SFBC. Stay tuned!

What you can do  

Stay safe and healthy, and stay connected to us. We miss you, and look forward eagerly to the time when we all can share music again. Let us know if you have any ideas about what SFBC might be in the future. We're working that out, too, and welcome your thoughts. You can contact Executive Director Martha Westland at westland@sfbach.org

If you can, donate to the organizations that mean the most to you. Everyone is hurting and trying to find the way forward. Let's all stick together through these hard times.

Good News

Because we all could use some good news these days, enjoy our performance of the spiritual “Good News, the Chariot’s Comin’,” arranged by Moses Hogan, from last October's concert in San Francisco. 

Moses Hogan was a gifted pianist, conductor, and choral arranger. SFBC Artistic Director Magen Solomon was at Oberlin with Hogan, and remembers: "he had hands the size of dinner plates that could easily reach parallel 10th's on the keyboard!”

Hogan recording

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